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“I first saw her lifting herself from the Marina Bay Club pool in Fort Lauderdale. Her long, coffee-colored hair was wet and slicked back, accentuating her face and huge brown eyes. Her firm dancer’s body appeared to be exploding out of her bikini. Her wet skin shimmered in the sunlight.

I felt a strange sensation in my chest that made me gulp for air. She had literally taken my breath away. She was, without a doubt, the most beautiful, sexy and exotic woman I had ever seen.”

-Michael Franzese in “Quitting The Mob”

Camille Garcia was the oldest of seven children and had it pretty tough growing up. Cammy, as she was known by friends and family, had grown up in a modest, middle class neighborhood in Orange County, California, just a stone’s throw away from the heart of Disneyland. Her father, Seferino Garcia, was a radical Chicano rights activist who had been arrested eight times during the turbulent 1970’s, mostly during protests of one kind or another. Her mother, Irma

Garcia, was a devout Christian woman, who despite her husband’s radical ways, was deeply devoted to her family and raised her children in an atmosphere of love and warmth. She instilled in Cammy a strong sense of determination and taught her to seek God first while pursuing her true purpose in life.

In her recently released autobiography, This Thing of Ours, Cammy shares the details of her painful and joyful journey. Here’s a sneak peak at Cammy discussing the behind the scenes of writing the book and what she hopes it will do for people and marriages all across the country:

mf-and-cammy-new-300x229From an early age, Cammy was in love with dance. In 1983, while still a teenager, she auditioned and won a spot on Jeff Kutash’s Dancin Machine, a prominent dance team of the 1980’s. Cammy’s unique style and fierce determination made her a favorite of the award winning choreographer. Shortly after joining the team, Cammy was chosen to dance in a movie being produced in South Florida. In the spring of 1984, Camille Garcia was on a plane bound for Ft. Lauderdale to dance in the feature film entitled, Knights of the City. It was on the set of that film that Cammy caught the eye, and eventually captured the heart of the film’s executive producer, Michael Franzese. The rest, as they say, is history.

Cammy and Michael were married in 1985. Against nearly insurmountable odds, Michael would eventually quit the mob and the two would somehow manage to sustain a healthy marriage and raise four beautiful children. Cammy played a major role in her infamous husband’s decision to walk away from his former life. As a result, she was once described as “the woman who changed the face of organized crime in America.” And while Michael has become a public symbol of a man changed by the grace of God, Cammy has been his rock, standing by him through all of his many struggles, while silently encouraging him to seek God first in all that he does.

Camille Franzese has become a major inspiration to all women, both young and old, who believe that marriage is really “until death do us part.” She is always willing to share her testimony with others, encouraging them in the knowledge that God is the foundation upon which a healthy relationship is built.

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