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When Franzese is asked to share his life story, he provides an entertaining, insightful look at his entry into the “life” in La Cosa Nostra. From the intrigue and mystique of the initiation ceremony, to his success, making more money for the mob than anyone since Al Capone – and being the youngest on Fortune’s “50 Most Wealthy and Powerful Mob Bosses” list, at #18 (just five behind John Gotti), Franzese delivers what he calls “Mob 101.” He describes how the love of a young woman – his wife of more than 20 years – did what five law enforcement agencies could not – end his life in organized crime. The essence of the Michael Franzese story is that if someone like him, a former Capo in the Mob, can change, becoming not only a model citizen, but an accomplished author and speaker, his transformation offers hope and encouragement for anyone. How did he leave? Why is he still alive? All this and more is answered through the presentation, as well as the Q&A session he offers.
Franzese was recruited out of prison by the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and NCAA to participate in a video to address the issue of organized crime and their impact and involvement in gambling, in particular, as it pertains to professional and collegiate athletes and their sports. From that first involvement, Franzese has become an in-demand speaker, addressing athletes on more than 250 Division 1 campuses, MLB and NBA rookies, and NFL teams. Today, his gambling message has extended to the general college campus, as well as discussing the impact of gambling on business, and the threat of internet gambling and identity theft. He is the first call from media, having appeared on CNN, HBO, ESPN shows, and numerous radio and print interviews about specific gambling issues.
Franzese has conducted seminars for several organizations including National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators, Southern Region Defense Organization, FIFEC Conference, Butte County District Attorney’s Office, and in the university setting at business schools for Baylor, Vanderbilt, and Washington State. His presentation looks at how organized crime became involved with businesses, and discusses issues that make businesses vulnerable to criminal activity. Franzese also discusses the impact gambling has on business, with loss of productivity by employees gambling online during business hours, as well as employees, corporate executives, politicians, and other business leaders committing fraud to cover gambling debts.
Having beaten five major indictments, one prosecuted by Rudy Guliani, who threatened to give him 100 years if convicted, Franzese has a unique perspective on the legal system. He orchestrated and negotiated his plea to racketeering, resulting in a 10 year sentence, which precipitated his departure from the life he once lived successfully. Throughout his indictments and trials, Franzese was represented by top Manhattan lawyers, with numerous grand jury and appellate court appearances. Franzese understands the mindset and experience of one incarcerated, and discusses, candidly, issues regarding the correctional system. Franzese has spoken to local and federal law enforcement gatherings as well as law schools, affording a unique and fascinating perspective.

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